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About Free Online Meta Tags Analyzer Tool

What is a Meta Tag?

Meta Tags are tags that give information about what your website is publishing about. It is a kind of business card of the website. It is placed after the <head> tag and before the </head> tag in XHTML and HTML codes on your website.

Meta tags are used not only for site-wide but also for published pages. Meta Tags of each published page must be suitable for that content. You embed them on your website or use special programs or plugins for it.

Meta tags are very important tags for your website. Google has more than 200 search engine ranking criteria. Meta tags are one of them. When Google evaluates your website, it also examines the meta tags of the content on the site and the pages you publish and determines the keywords. The keywords specified in your Meta Tags should be compatible with the content of your site, if incompatible it will be against your website in search engine rankings.

What Does the Meta Tag Analysis Tool Do?

Meta Tag Analyzer Tool detects the meta tags of websites, namely Site Name, Meta Title, Meta Descriptions and Meta Keywords. So, you can see what your website's meta tags look like from the outside. Then you can fix any missing meta tags.

How to Use Meta Tag Analyzer Tool?

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