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What is a keyword?

Keyword are words that provide information to your website visitors and search engines about the content or function of your website.

For example, the main keyword of the website is "website checker".

Why is Keyword Position important?

When you search for any keyword in search engines, a list of up to 50 pages appears, and each page contains 10 websites. In other words, when you search for a keyword, you can see websites between the 1st and the 500th row. Search engines will not show you other sites after page 50.

Users, on the other hand, generally open and read the websites on the first page or even the first places in the search results. Therefore, the higher you go up in the keyword rankings related to your website, the more visitors your website will receive. This means more advertising revenue or customers for commercial websites.

What does Keyword Position Checker do?

By using Keyword Position Checker, you can see the rankings of one or more keywords of your website in Yahoo and Google search engines.

How to Use Keyword Position Checker?

Keyword Position Checker is very easy to use. Type the URL of your website in the top text box above (Enter your Domain Name). In the "Keywords" box below, type the keywords related to your website. Select "Check Positions upto" and then click "Find Keyword Positions". You can get Keyword Position Checker results within a few minutes.